Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mixed media Disco style!

Hey there bloggers Rita Barakat, here on this fine Tuesday.
 Today my little card was made with Septembers mixed media kit at Frog Dog Studio!
When you photograph your projects you see things differently and right about now
I am getting a little kick out of this because to me she looks like a disco diva!
All we need are some tunes and a disco ball! LOL
And maybe some roller skates!
I glue the paint chips down onto a piece of chipboard. 
Trim any excess.
                                           Then I added lots of circles and lots of white mist!
This  was just the first layer!
Then I drew and colored my girl on the pad in the kit.
It has a different texture than I am used to but it grabs the color form different mediums quickly.
 First pencil then PITT Artist pens.
 Then Gelatos. Color and  blend with a wet paint brush.
Then I added a layer of Silks paints for texture and shine.
 I ended up changing the orange to pink. She was so vibrant that I need to go back 
and tone down the background. This time I sprayed the white mist onto a palette 
and used a paint brush to pick up and spread the white.
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorials here at Frog Dog Studio!
This is my last blog post with these talented ladies!
I had so much fun playing with the kits!
I hope you visit me on my blog.
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