Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Kit Canvas: Give Without Expecting Anything:)

Hello!  Sue here with another April Kit project.
I apologize right away for the lack of photos during the "process."  
It happened rather quickly, and to be honest...I was "caught up in the moment!"

Does that ever happen with you?

I will do my best to explain what you see and hope that if you have any questions, 
you won't hesitate to ask!

I started with the canvas minis...they gave me the direction for the canvas.
9 circles would be the "background subject."

I used a paper pen (from a previous FD kit) in black to draw flowers.
As I began work on the rest of the canvas, these would have time to dry.

Next, I collaged the background with various old book pages, labels, and the GoRGEoUS  Deco patch tissue paper from our April kit.

(adhering with matte medium)

I wanted to pull out a hint of green, so I added a little acrylic paint in random spots.

After the paint was added, I went back with a credit card, and spread a thin layer of gesso over the whole canvas to soften the colors.

I traced the canvas minis to create the 9 circles.

Using old book pages, I cut out circles and then doodled on them using a 
Pitt multi-liner and Scarlet Lime pen.

I left a few circles empty to allow the word "give" more ""breathing room."

Above you can see what I did with each "traced circle." I first used the iZink pigment ink in gold...taking the dropper that comes with the bottle, I simply filled it with ink and went around the circle's edge.  Immediately, I sprinkled the Alumidust Powder in plum, over the wet gold ink and tapped off the excess.  I "hit it" with a heat tool to set.

You can also see above, that I cut out several of the "lime" shapes from the tissue paper and added them randomly to the canvas with matte medium.  

The edge of the circle is outlined with the Scarlet Lime Pen.  These pens are wonderful because they practically write through mud:)

I wrote the word "give" with a bottle of Pinata ink from a previous kit. 
I wrote with the tip of the bottle itself.

*Our kit products last for soooo many projects!

Above is a close-up of the canvas mini.  I glued these on with mod podge.

The second line is also written with the Scarlet Lime pen.

I loved the Gold ink, and decided to add more, letting it drip down by tipping the canvas up.
The final steps were to add a few randomly placed word stamps and a 
black edge to the canvas using a gelato.

Hope this project "GIVES" you some inspiration for your own canvas 
using our Amazing April Kit!

It's a joy to share with you,


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazing Nefertiti

Amazing Crafting Products are just that - Amazing!!!  I was able to mold Nefertiti from a small piece I had bought from the History Museum in Milwaukee back when my son was on a field trip!  I used Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin, and Allumilite Metallic Powder in Copper.  The April kit of StazOn,, decorative tissue paper,  and the gold ink was also used.  Products from the last few month's kits also incorporated.

Started out with gold, the tissue and StazOn.  Layering color to create the background.

Added more StazOn and stenciled on top of that.  The stenciling on the right looks like model paste because of placing the stencil over the StazOn color background.  Cool 3D effect!

Here is a close up of Nefertiti!  She has blue's (StazOn), and greens and gold ink on her.  The Copper was muted on her face by taking a brush, picking up the red (StazOn) and brushing it over.  I also did a light stamping of Egyptian symbols using StazOn.

I am thinking of using this art piece as a cover for a journal.  For a while back in the late '90's and early 2000's, I collected Egyptian and Asian stamp images.  It will be fun to utilize them within the pages of this journal.

Amazing Crafting Products are the Add On Kit of the month!  There are so many supplies you can make several molded pieces to use for all sorts of embellishements.  It becomes addicting!  I go through my drawers and all over the house looking for items to mold!!!!

True expression comes from the imagination and heart!!!  Tap into that imagination and see where it will take you!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easy Mixed Media Wine Charms!

Good morning everyone :) This bonus project I created combines two of my favorite things: mixed media art and wine! These wineglass charms are so easy and fun to create. They also make great gifts (Mother's Day is just around the corner!) Let's get started.

To begin, I selected several of the Tim Holtz Fragments from the kit to work with. I covered this first one with some matte medium and the Alumidust powder. I swirled it around in the medium, adding in some of the gold ink from the kit. I used the end of a paintbrush to create the swirl texture, then set it aside to dry. I also added a word and a piece of scrap paper from my collage drawer.

I continued in this manner, using different bits of collage pieces from my stash and from previous kits (love that tissue paper from an older kit!)

When these were dry, I did some light stamping just to add some texture to the background and create a distressed look. The stamp I used had sheet music. Be sure to use StayZ On type ink if you do this. You don't want it to smear everywhere when you move on to the next step. I also went around the edges with some more of the gold ink from the kit.
Next, I mixed up a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and added some Alumilite Metallic Gold powder. Then, using an old small brush, I very lightly coated each piece with the resin. The gold powder gave each piece a really cool aged look and made them all look like a set, even though I used different collage elements for each one. Make sure when you are working with the resin to work on top of a white plastic garbage bag. The resin won't stick to it, so if you over pour or spill a little it won't stick. Plus it makes for easy clean up! I use a paper plate under my trash bag so I can move my project around if I need to.

After allowing the pieces overnight, they were ready for the finishing touches. I found these wire stemware hoops at Hobby Lobby. They were pretty cheap. I also had some larger beads leftover from my Titanic Inspired Tin project. I'm not sure what I was thinking at first, but I just put the beads and the fragments right onto the stemware hoop. Then I realized that the fragment wouldn't lay flat (duh) so I went back and attached a jump ring to the fragment, then attached the fragment to the hoop. It worked perfect and now lays completely flat. Of course this was done after I had already taken my final pics so you won't see the jump rings in the pictures below.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April Mixed Media Kit: Altered Canvas | At the End of the Day...

Hello All! Wendy here to share up my altered canvas titled "At the End of the Day", this month for Frog Dog Studio!  

You can check out my first project this month here where I created a Mixed Media necklace with the April Mixed Media Kit along with a  video tutorial.

My last take this month using the April Add-On kit with Amazing Crafting Products that was just ALL sorts of amazing.ness and team up.  I know my projects using their product will continue WAY beyond this month!  You just want to play play play....

So many of the embellishments on my project was created using the Amazing Casting Resin, Amazing Crafting Products Alumilite in Silver Metallic Powder, and Amazing Crafting Products Yellow Dye (not pictured above) along with the Amazing Clear Cast (pictured above).   

I will create up a video tutorial later this week and link you back here on this blog post with the 'behind-the-scenes' into the making into the florals and butterflies for my canvas.

In the meantime, here are some more pictures of my project...

If you loved the colors in the April Mixed Media Kit, just wait until you see the May Mixed Media Kit!!

xo | Wendy

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Enjoy life twenty four seven

Hello there! Sanna here again with a wall art altered project I made using the April Main Kit and the Add-On Kit. This project is also part of my monthly "simply stencils" series. Hope you like it!

I started by cutting images from the ARTchix Ephemera Sheet (June 2013 Mixed Media Kit). I chose images and colours that would match the blue tissue paper.

I created this art project on a piece of really thick grey cardboard and before gluing anything I gessoed the background and the clipboards. 

Next I took the blue piece of dekopatch tissue that was in the Mixed Media Kit and adhered it onto the background with a decopatch glue. 

After that I took some tissue tape (from the March Add-On Kit) and adhered it onto the background pretty randomly. 

Then I chose two rubber stamps (handwriting and a swirl stamp) and stamped a pattern with the blue and red Staz-On Midi Ink Pad here and there on the background.

After that I adhered the ephemera sheets on the clipboard pieces and directly onto the background. I used a decoupage glue from Marabu for this purpose.

White the clipboard pieces were drying I place the background piece into a cardboard box and added some IZINK gold here and there. After applying the ink I sprayed the areas with water mist. This way the ink spreaded and ran across the background. I really like this effect and the gold shimmers beautifully!

After finishing and drying the layout of golden droplets I also applied some Liquitex Titanium White Ink onto the background using the same technique. I just love the milky look it created onto the surface.  

Now it was time for the background to dry, so I went over and mixed some glitter paste with Alumidust Powder (red plum). 

Then I applied the paste thru a stencil onto the clipboard pieces for more structure and detail. These now needed to dry properly.

Finally I also added some random black ink splatters to the background. I used a black Glimmer Glaze for this purpose. 

 Then I went along and adhered the clipboards onto the background and started decorating the artwork.

 I had previously made some resin pieces (see the silver Alumilite powder on the bottom of the molds for metallic effects!) from both Amazing Clear Cast and Amazing Casting Resin and I had also added some golden or silvery shine to the pieces. They were nice additional details for the "canvas". 

The chipboard piece (bird) is treated with IZINK gold before adhering it to the clipboard.


 The "metal" key is a resin piece I created from with the molds. I first made a bluish clear resin (toned with the Alumilite Blue Dye colour) and before pouring it into the mold, wiped some Alumilite Metallic Powder Silver onto them. As an end result I got this gorgeous key.

 The words are from the March Add-On Kit and by Tim Holtz.

I hope you have enjoyed this little project and get inspired to create!
Have a lovely day,