Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gelli Printing--So Easy a 5 Year Old Can Do It!!

Good morning! Melissa here with a special post to share about creating Gelli prints with my 5 year old daughter, Sophie. :)

You may be wondering "How easy is Gelli printing?" Well, easy enough for a 5 year old to learn in an afternoon! And now she is just as addicted as I am to making prints. I think I may have created a monster.....

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a child explore and experiment while making art, you know that it can be a very enlightening experience. Once I explained to her about how to use the gelli plate, she was off and running. What I found so fascinating about her process is how she was able to work intuitively, selecting paint colors and combinations that she liked and not worrying about if they "worked" together. Adding texture was one of her favorite parts of the process as well.

Here are some of her favorite things about gelli printing:

Favorite Paints:

A little video of her talking about her favorite stencils:

Showing off her recent prints:

And a video presentation of her creative process, start to finish! I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Too cute! Great video and great results!

    1. Thanks, Miriam!! She does love her Gelli plate! :)

  2. These videos are certainly going to be treasures for years to come!!! She is a doll!!!! Well done Mom!!!

    1. Thanks, Dara! It was a blast watching her create and make these videos. She really enjoyed the process :)