Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art for a Journal

I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to talk shop (as they say) with you today. What great supplies we have to use from our kits (Tina has the best style)!!!

 Here is my true art love, a journal. Create without stress because you can keep it the way it is or come back to it forever.  Doesn't need to look good on the wall or become a gift for your mother-in-law. Just relax and create. 

 I have a journal that I've finished covering all the backgrounds with ink, paint and some texture using stencils. I chose a page that would really make the teal paint pop. 

Teal is opposite of magenta in terms of the color wheel, so it gives a great contrast. The teal paper strips are just the vellum pages painted with teal and a bit of the pumpkin to add depth. 

Once I chose my pages, I stamped some great texture with Natalie's stamps from the kit. 

 I love the giant circles because they really support focal points. 
 Just like my last post, I  used paper from Graphic 45's Coture collection. I liked repeated the girl image like she was in bubbles. I used the inks around the edges of the circles. 

  With the paper strips I made, I use a border cut out of patterned paper. 
 For really great layers, continue what patterns you started in the background in small amounts overlapping the new layers and the background. This convinces the eye that everything in unified. 

 It is also a good idea to put some of your new layer's color into the background. 

 Notice that I got a great effect from stamping with teal paint for a while then inking the dirty stamp and pressing hard! It was planned (nope I'm lying). 

 Make a cluster of collage to support the visual "weight" of your focal point. 
 The kit's embellishments are wonderful because they can be painted to go with almost any theme. 

 This is how I made my pages, and I hope it sparks some ideas for you! And notice, being different  is an ecellent idea. 

Art is like magic except the tricks are open to everyone. I welcome questions! 
-heather kindt

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