Monday, April 7, 2014

Steampunk Shadow Box Art

  It's another Steampunk inspired project from me (Heather Kindt). I don't always go Steampunk, and this project can certainly be in any theme! 
 I have "One More Thing" to add to the kit, which is going to be my reoccurring theme with Frog Dog's awesome kits. Last month, a paint color tied things together and this time it is the substrate when all the kit parts can be together. 


 You can use what ever kind you like. Since this one has a cover, I cut up my tissue and covered it. 

 With the Gold pigment ink, I painted what would be pages if it were an actual book (it is the blue Staz-On ink on the cover edges). I like this disguise!

 What is also difficult to show in the pictures, is the coating of resin I gave to the cover. But the cover was shingling and there is more resin to come.

 Before we get into it I want to show the technique I used for the stamping. I stamped all my images on deli paper. I used the colors and black so I would have choices. 


 You could also stamp on gift tissue paper. I prepped all my images and surfaces then prepared some resin. I recommend covering your large flat surfaces first if you have any. That way if gets a bit thicker it is just fine for enclosed areas like the boxes or jewelry bezels. 


 Here is everything drying! The resin is soaked into the paper and makes it more transparent. That is how my stamps became darker in the inked area and the images became sharper. You can sprinkle your mica flakes onto the wet resin for shimmer that will never fall off. Putting it under resin is fine too. On one of the fragments I adhered the quote (glossy accents or diamond glaze) then resin, then mica fragments. 

Here is the final shadow box book! Many of the accent pieces were cast in resin and painted. But that is a discussion for another day! Enjoy the close ups! 

 I used Big Pitt Pens for some color, and Staz-on ink pads for the edges.
 Defy shadow boxes shadows by flipping over some of the boxes! My ladies and gents would be hard to see if they were inside the boxes.

 Hello birdie! He is black, resin and golden edged. The letter blocks I got at the Frog Dog Studio store also got some gold and black. 

 No need to hang the fragments inside the box (like I have labored over in the past), find some buttons, thick adhesive tape or scrape cardboard and you can secure the fragment at any depth you desire. 

 If you have a cute embellishment you want to use, but it seems to fade away too much in the back of a box, you a pen to increase the contrast. And note all my little gears, butterflies, the scrollwork and the face I cast in resin myself! 

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and enjoy creating with your kit! -heather Kindt 


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