Monday, April 7, 2014

Amazing Inspiration

AMAZING CRAFTING PRODUCTS this month with Frog Dog Studio!  It is a wonderful Add On Kit!  These are essential mixed media products by Alumilite Corporation,

To Clipboard or not to Clipboard, that is the question!!  In this post, I created one clipboard art, but the clip is more of an accent than to hold anything.  The second is inspirational art.  I love quotes, affirmations, mantras.  These works of art can be made and kept in a box like a deck of card.  Pull one out every day for instant inspiration!

The board is Gesso'd as the base, then layers of the gold ink is painted.  Some painting is done thinly, and some painting has splotches and puddles of color.

The image is collaged, with the StazOn in red.  Next I dusted the whole piece (except parts of the face) with  Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder, and Alumindust in Red Plum.    Look at how I was able to subtly shade the face with the gold and red plum.

The mica fragments were tinted with paint, adhered to the art, and more gold ink and red plum powder added.  The clip itself was painted thickly with the gold ink and glazed with paint.

I really love treasures I have that I can mold and cast with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!

Even my Epic Fails work as accents in my art.  The accents on this art piece is a fail that was in pieces and I painted them with the gold ink and added them to my surface.  The gold ink is randomly added to some of the gold on the tissue paper.

I printed inspiration on vellum and added to the surface.  A stamp image added for feeling.  Gelly Roll Pens were used to to fill in colors on the stamped image.

The blue StazOn was swiped on the background and blended with my finger as well as a lighter blue paint pounced around the area.

Find treasures such as charms, small sculptures, buttons, any object you can wrap the Amazing Mold Putty around and create a mold.  Brush Alumilite Metallic Powders or Alumindust into the mold before casting.  Alumilite dyes can be added to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin for personalized shades.

The mummy and column was casted using embossing enamels and Alumindust painted inside the mold before pouring the enamel in it.

Click the link at the top of this post to find great tutorials and information/tips for Amazing Crafting Products.  Easy to use, but I found the tips very helpful.

One of the best tips is to NOT press the item right into the molding putty when activate, but to roll the putty from one end of the item to the other, and gently press for a flat bottom.  The putty will be evenly distributed that way.

Also be mindful of the humidity in your area.  The more humidity requires just a little bit more drying time.

Until next time and more April Goodness - - -

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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  1. Amazing mold putty and resin are so much fun! I won some from their blog and I've enjoyed playing with it. ;)

    I love your art!