Thursday, April 17, 2014

Playful Musings: Super Delicious StazOn Ink!

This month's kit has 2 luscious StazOn on ink pads in the NEW smaller size!  When StazOn ink first came out, I bought as many colors as I could - I was so impressed with the black, I had to get as man as I could!!!

What's in an ink?  What does an ink do??  Why are there several types of inks???  Beginners want to know this and what ink to use for what.

I will just touch on the 3 basic types for now, there are hybrids that are good for more than one thing.

Pigment ink - is juicy and won't dry on non-porous surfaces.  Great for embossing and backgrounds as well as detailed stamps on cardstock.

Dye Based ink - is a water based ink.  This means if you spritz water on it, it will migrate with the water.  Not goo for permanent outlines but can create some beautiful works with a watercolor look.  Color "pops" on glossy cardstock.

Permanent ink - is an ink that will dry and water or other media will not bleed or migrate.  Great for outlines to color in with media.

StazOn is a hybrid of sorts to me.  While it is a permanent ink, on non-porous surfaces there is a tiny "open time" where the ink is wet and needs to dissipate into the air.  It is very fast but gives me the time to stencil with the ink and shade with it before it dries.  On cardstock it dries within seconds.

On vellum, I used StazOn from the kit and first swiped it over the "positive" areas of the stencil.  (Stencil is by Aristcellar).  Then I used a stencil brush and swirled the color in.  I also used StazOn for the image of the dude, and the graph stamp in the background.

Last month's kit gave you 2 tins.  Here I used a hybrid ink (also by Tsukineko ),  stenciled and heat set.  Then I tapped the StazOn from the kit on to the tin and also on the back flower petals on the girl.  I then stenciled with the gold ink to give a semi-transparent look.  I used the blue StazOn from the kit for the front petals of the flower girl.  Lastly, I stamped the word "dream" onto the tin.

StazOn is great for clear surfaces and transparencies.  The writing is done in the Opaque white.  The StazOn in the kit will work just as well to create "a look."

Back in the day, I used several colors of StazOn to teach a sold-out class at CHA.  This is a card book and acetate is where I stamped the lady and word art.

The sky is the limit!!!  Stamping on a key chain with an unmounted stamp image worked fabulous!!!  Watercolor paper was put inside the key chain, and other elements grace the front on top of the stamped work.

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