Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Clipboard Keyring

Hello artful friends, today I am up with a project highlighting both our April Frog Dog Kit and Amazing Crafting Product Clear Cast Resin part of our April Add on Kit.

and, of course...

And from my own supplies...

The Crafters Workshop stencil below (life shapes)

I can be a bit forgetful, especially when it comes to dates and times, so...when I opened the April Kit and saw the mini clipboards...a little message pad that would fit on my giant key ring came to mind.

Um, I confess, I misplace my keys sometimes  a lot...this is why I keep my keys on a BIG ring with a giant help me find my keys when they hide from me.

The small clipboard was just the right size to add to my ring, and will be a handy message even holds a little pencil, in case I want to leave someone a note:)

I placed the stencil on top of the mini clipboard piece and used embossing liquid over it.

Next, I sprinkled the Alumidust powder over the top, tapped off the excess...

and used my heat gun to set.

I decided to try "mixing" the StazOn inks, by first pressing my stamp into the 
Claret and then in the Blue Hawaii, and it came out a beautiful deep burgundy:)

I made a little message pad, and tied in this cute bee stamp with the words..."Bee Reminded"

Using a black Gelato, I added color to the edges of the clipboard.

Finally, I mixed equal parts A & B of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin (about 1/2 a TBS. each)
to cover and seal the the clipboard a hard protective surface.

Pour the two parts together, and then allow the air bubbles to rise, slowly stir until combined (no more visible "swirls") and then carefully pour over the surface.  I used one of the popsicle sticks included to "encourage" the resin to spread to the edges.  

Allow it to dry overnight.

As always, our April Kit provides countless project options!  I love to see how many different projects the design team comes up with using the same kit! I hope you do too, so keep "watching!"

Happy Spring!



  1. Sue - your creativity and inventiveness always AMAZES me. I love this project and the grungy textured background created with the Alumidust. This project will be my christmas gifties this year :)

    1. Thanks are such an encouragement to us all!!! I haven't had a chance to comment on YOUR amazing frog prince....(been sick) What you have spinning around in your head is beyond creative! I'm a fan. So smart and clever you are...add to that your beautiful work...just wow. My dad used to teach biology, and we had jars of frogs, etc. around the house! haha....I'm going to show him your project...he wont' believe it!

  2. another great project, this would be perfect for just about anyone, with our busy days!!! gotta try this!!!

    1. Thanks Maria, you are so sweet! Makes my day when someone else makes a project:)