Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bonus Collage

 This month I rounded up some of my leftover supplies from Frog Dog Studios kits and made a 12"x16" collage. 
 I'm not sure what I will do with it next. I might cut it down to smaller pieces. 

I did make a focal point, but I think it would do better with a quiet surrounding near by. 

Be kind to your dreams! So sweet! 

 Using the Alumilite metal powder and water makes that liquid metal. So amazing! 
 Also look for:
 Tissue Papers 
 Gold pigment ink
 Mica fragments
Also used: Golden paint, Krink paint pen, stamp and leftover transparency embellishments. 

  Tina is really good at picking out awesome supplies for the kits each month! Hope you keep your leftovers too.- heather


  1. this is so cool and vibrant!!

  2. Love all of the bright colors. Great use of all of the leftover bits!