Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playful Musings: Mixed The Mix Media!

When looking at this photo above, you can easily see the obvious mixed media.  Wood frame, pictures and decorative papers, and metal pieces.

Mixing the mixed media takes your art one step further!!  The wood is sprayed with Lindy's Mists, then accents with an ink pad, then paint to add the purple shading.

The Tim Holtz Ideaology Stickers have a slick surface but using Distressed inks and Lindy's Mist can enhance the slick surface further.  Wipe off some of the color and let the liquid dissipate in the air. A final zap with a heat tool will set the colors.

The moments metal sentiment has been further aged with the Pinata alcohol ink.  Work the ink onto the surface.  Then use Brilliance ink to pop out part of the word "Moments."  Heat set with a heat tool.

Around the inside edge of the frame has an added metallic feel with leafing foil burnished on the surface.

The Tim Holtz Ideaology tickets are aged by themselves, but one can mix the mixed media to further enhance the ticket to even match the art you are designing!

Start with Pinata alcohol ink and lightly cover the surface.  Use a colorless blender pen (Xylene), and remove most of the ink leaving spots of shade and ghosting.  Lastly add paint, like the ticket fell and picked up some of the color.

The little metal piece has wire and then Lindy's Mist.  It takes a bit for the liquid to dissipate or zap it with a heat tool.  Accent with Brilliance ink and zap again with heat tool.

The key is also enhanced with Pinata inks, Lindy's Mist, and Brilliance ink.

Frog Dog Studio brings you creatively wonderful kits each month.  They are chocked filled with more than enough product to design several projects.  Use parts of the kit or all of them together while expressing to your dreams of art!

The kits sell out quickly, so being a member to get the kits automatically is the way to ensure you don't miss anything!!  There are a few ways to become a member so it fits your lifestyle easily.


Mix your Mixed Media and watch your art come Alive!!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


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    1. Thank you so much Sandra. I wanted it aged but had to add some color too.

  2. I love this!! Love the idea of "mixing" the mixed media :)