Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A rusted background layout

Hello there! Today I´m sharing with you one more project I used the March mixed media kit for. This time I created a rusted layout background. This is also the very first project to my "simply stencils" series. I use stencils on almost every layout I make and love using them, so you will be seeing more of those on my future projects.

Here is how I did it:

I first applied some Glue n´ Seal with a paint brush onto the cardstock and then poured the powder over the "glued" areas. Next I sprayed some white winegar over the powdered areas and let the media react.
And this is the rusted paper result I ended up with! Really, really like this effect alot! I then added some mist splatters here and there as they perfectly matched the rust colour.

Next I added some stamping (used a Frog Dog Studio exclusive stamp).

After that I added some circles onto the background for additional detail. Here I used a TCW stencil (by Ronda Palazzari) with black Distress Ink. Love the effect the simple circles create on the background! Now the background was all done and I just needed to add some decoration and the title.
I used all the leftover pieces of chipboard, foil tape and corrugated cardboard. Added some sticker elements, some twine, some doodling and some white ink (Liquitex Ink! Titanium white) for detail. This is what the finished layout looks like:
It was so much fun creating this page! I really like the rusting powder on paper!
xoxo, Sanna


  1. great tutorial!!! Gotta love that rust stuff!

  2. Fantastic Sanna, I love the rusty technique.

  3. Awesome layout! I love how you used the rusting powder as a background for a scrapbook page!

  4. Love it - thanks for sharing the details.