Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mirror Covered Book Draft

Hi mixed media artists! Don't you love this kit? First I made a handout for you on making a cute little book.

For my cover I used the Foil tape from the kit. The spine is two sticky canvas pieces which I had leftover from an earlier kit. 

I stamped on the Foil tape using the pebble paint. After the paint dried I went back with a brush to clean up the stamping. 

To decorate the cover I used gears left from my previous project, the trinket boxes. The "spine" is painted black from using the Black alcohol ink from a previous kit. I love how glossy it is! Next you can see I continued using turquoise accent paint. Finally to secure the stamped image by giving it a coating of Diamond Glaze. This also protects the reflective attribute of the foil paper.

 For the inside I chose a scrapbooking paper that went well with the Pebble paint. Then I covered the paper and inside canvas piece with a layer of paint. Choose a ribbon that ties and unties easily. Glue in down in the middle so the paper can be placed on top.

  Consider using the paper for your art, etc. before gluing it down.

 I like a little bling and found a good spot on the cover. 

 I hope you like this little book project and wish you a Happy Spring! -heather 

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