Friday, February 14, 2014

Spin for a Jackpot Valentine!

Amazing Crafting Products and Frog Dog Studio SPIN for a JACKPOT Valentine... by Rachel Whetzel

Hello creatives – this is Rachel Whetzel from the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team, with some Amazing Crafting Products and Frog Dog Studio Valentine fun!! A special Valentine for my Jackpot win.

Vintage Tart Mold (I got mine at the thrift store, but you can get them on-line too) 
From Frog Dog Studio Feb. Kit: Prima Wooden Buttons; Vintage Valentine's (2); White Gelato; Magenta PanPastel; and Soft Art Sponge 
From Frog Dog Studio Jan Kit:  Bingo marker 
From my thrifty stash at home: Vintage Bingo Card; Vintage ribbons and lace; and Vintage Crepe Paper 
Vintage Dymo label maker 
Decorative cardstock 
Washi Measuring tape 
Fiskars decorative hole punch 
Acrylic Paints 
Glue (I use Crafter's Pick) 

I started out gathering up some of the supplies, and then decided that I wanted to put one of the little girls on the valentine inside my tart tin. I cut out one of the girls, and her puppy after cutting the card in half. I kept the other half of the Valentine to use on my piece. 

Once I had her cut out, I painted the inside of my tin, and wiped off the ridges so the silver would show through. Then I glued my little girl in, and poured Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the tin! You can find instructions for mixing and pouring resin HERE. As a side note: A lot of people find that their paper projects absorb resin and become "wet" looking when the resin is cured. For that reason, many people seal their paper with clear gesso, or spray sealants before they pour resin over them. I did NOT seal my paper before pouring the resin. The paper the Valentine's are printed on has a slight gloss to it, and I didn't feel like it would absorb resin too badly. You may want to take extra precautions if you aren't sure about your paper.

I love the crystal, clear ice look that Amazing Clear Cast Resin has when it is cured!! To add dimension to the tin piece, I glued the puppy backed by some ephemera to the top of the cured resin. I like the way he floats in front of the little girl!

Once I was done with that, I punched the bottom of my decorative cardstock, and started layering in lace, crepe paper, ribbon bows, and stamps to the piece. To top it all off, I used my vintage Dymo label maker to add "I hit the jackpot with you" onto the piece.

I used the white Gelato from the Feb. Kit to mark the edge of my patterned paper, and then used the Magenta Pan Pastel and an Art Sponge to shade the edge of the paper.

The Prima Buttons included in the Feb. Kit are adorable, but I didn't feel like they matched the style of my piece. Then I realized that they would be perfect if I used another one of the vintage valentines to cover some of them! I chose the placement of the buttons by holding the image up to the light, and gluing the buttons to the back. (far right picture)

Next, I cut the edges of the paper close to the edge of the button,
leaving a little bit of room around the edge.

I used sandpaper to file off the remaining edges of paper from the buttons,
using the edge of the buttons and the sandpaper against that to create a smooth edge.

I used my white gelato around the edge of the buttons, smoothed it in with my fingers, and added some more magenta pan pastel around the outsides.

I also added some thread to my buttons,
because I like them to look sewn even if they aren't.

Such an easy and simple way to make your projects cohesive in looks when you need to! Once you're ready, get busy gluing and arranging your pieces until you are happy with the way things look!

A close up of the way I used the second half of the little girl
Valentine that I originally cut in half.

Now I'm set for my Valentine!! Today is also my anniversary!!
Sixteen years with the my Jackpot Man.

Thanks for reading! Happy Valentine's Day! If you'd like to see more of me, I'd love it if you'd VISIT MY BLOG, and subscribe! ~ Rachel Whetzel

Thank you for the amazing project Rachel!  Great inspiration!



  1. Thank you for having me!! I really enjoyed your products!

  2. I love how you used the resin! I just started playing around with resin so I love seeing it in use!