Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love Is All You Need: A February Canvas

February is All About Love:)

Using our February kit, I created the above Framed Canvas..."Love Is All You Need."

I can't share enough with you how LASTING each monthly kit is!!  My "stash" of products has become so "deep" due to the fact that many kit products last the whole year long! (& longer!)
Buying kits are a sure way to expand your mixed media tools while getting great support and information on how to use each wonderful product!!!

So, on to the project:)

To create the background I used my Gelli Plate.  (found in our store)

Apply acrylic paint to Gelli using brayer.

I then pressed a diamond stencil into the paint, moving it to cover the whole plate.

Next, I covered the whole plate with blank tags.

Below are some examples of what I did with these blank tags later!

Laying a blank sheet of card stock on top of the tags, I carefully used the brayer to press down all areas of the paper against the Gelli Plate. Below, is the image on the card stock.
(I'm sure I'll use it for another project)

After I lifted the tags, I spritzed the plate a few times with water and then I put a piece of heavy watercolor paper on the Gelli Plate again, and rolled with the brayer. 
 Below is the image I "pulled off."

I hadn't decided what my project would be until I saw the image above, and decided it would be a great background for a canvas piece.

I had an empty frame, and a blank flat canvas, but the background size I needed was a bit bigger than the size of the Gelli Plate image...SOOOOO, I used Mod Podge to glue the Gelli image to the canvas 
and added torn pages for the borders.

To add some texture and interest, I created another background page.
1.) Covered card stock with gesso.
2.) Once gesso dried, "scribbled" whole page with  black Gelato.
3.) Used a wet brush to spread the color.

Once dry, I took a 12 X12 Diamond stencil, holding it in position, and used a baby wipe to "pull off" some of the color in the diamond openings.
See below.

You can see the diamond background above.

Next I used one of my favorite cookie cutters, to draw the heart shape.  I drew it on both sides, (by holding the first drawn heart up in a window so I could see the lines on the back to copy)

I tore the beautiful sheet of ephemera from our kit and glued the pieces 
onto the heart using Matte medium.
I did worry about going over the lines, because when I was done covering the heart, I would simply turn it over and cut on the lines I drew on the back.

Next, I aged the heart piece using a brown Pan Pastel I had in my stash.

To add a bit more detail, I stitched around the heart about 1/4" in from the edge using black thread.

To make the tag, I took one of the original tags I used on the Gelli Plate for the background and added the permanent green Pan Pastel over the top.

I used the same brown Pan Pastel to age this cute "bank note" from the same 
ephemera sheet in our kit.

I used a wet brush to pick up the color of the black Gelato and used the "loaded" brush to add a black edge to the tag.

I also added a bit more detail to the tag using more ephemera and ribbon, the super cute button and thread from our kit along with the adorable crown pin.  I especially love the pin!

I added the green Pan Pastel to the book page border along with the dots.  
(white Uni-ball Signo & Scarlet Lime pen)

The Black edge was done with the Gelato.

The sentiment was added by stamping the letters onto book pages, cutting them out and mounting them on black scrapbook paper.  I added a few doodles and words with a black Pitt multi-liner pen.

Some of the detail is lost in the above photo, but hopefully you could see some of it in the close up shots throughout the tutorial.

As always, it is a blessing to share with you!