Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Kit Journal Page

I am in love with this little girl...She takes center stage in much of my life and art.
I am her Mimi:)

I know that I am partial...but Annabelle is definitely "un-believably cute!" 
Just like the precious children in your life, I imagine:)

So, here was the process...

1st step...coat page with a thin layer of white gesso.

Next I applied yellow acrylic paint to the journal page with an old rewards card.

Before the yellow paint was completely dry, I laid this diamond stencil down on the page...using a baby wipe (you could use a wet paper towel) wipe off the yellow paint within each diamond. Putting the gesso on first helps make this process more effective.

Next, I added some "flower doodles" using white Gesso.

I also randomly sprayed the page with the Dylusions White Ink Spray from our kit.

Time for some more layers and finishing touches.

Above, I outlined the page with the Pink Big Brush Pen and smeared it with my thumb while it was still wet.  I love markers, and these have become one of my favorites!  

I also added the fun Blue Fragments (also from our great September kit), using a little matte medium.

Above, I added hearts using a small punch and the paint chip samples...then added the hole reinforcers with a bit of doodling.

I wrote the words (Un-Believably-Cute)  on white card stock, cut them out and added a bit of color 
with the Pink Big Brush Pen.

I layered some of my doodles with my Uni-ball Signo white pen and inked up this flower stamp (designed by Alisa Burke) with the Pink Pitt Big Brush Pen.

For the Photo images of my Annabelle, I used Transfer Artist Paper. (TAP)
Simply print your images, using your home computer and printer, directly onto this 8 1/2 X 11 Transfer Paper.  Once dry, simply iron onto the surface you wish to transfer will work on paper, fabric, wood, glass, metal, clay and more:)  I have not yet tried all of these surfaces, 
but certainly will in the future!

Above is a transfer I did on a simple tag.  I added a hint of white gesso to the edge, then smeared a little color over it with the Pink Pitt Big Brush Pen.

Below is a picture of the letters I printed on the TAP.  If you are going to transfer letters, remember to "flip" the images so that when you iron them on they are not backwards:)

Below, you can see that I ironed on the letter A to this little linen tag.

The image above was also done with TAP.  With this one, I ironed Annabelle onto a piece of homemade paper...adhered it to the page with matte medium, and doodled around it.

(I love this moment caught on camera....she was "sneaking" her binkie out of the diaper bag...the one she can only have when she takes a sneaky:) )

For all the black "doodles" I used my favorite doodle pen "Scarlet Lime."  

The black circles you see were "stamped" on with the lid of my black craft paint:)

Hope this inspires you to use our September kit!  It is full of great products that you can continue to use for many projects in the future!  Buying kits expands "your stash" with great products that you can learn how to use right here on our blog for FREE!!!  

It's a blessing to share with you,


  1. Gorgeous work, Sue...I love how you incorporated the pens, spray, and fragments from the kit. And I love the stencil/baby wipe technique, great look!

    1. Thanks very sweet of you to take the time to share such kind words! :):)