Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letter It : Lesson 2

Letter It! 
Lesson 2 : Thickening

Here’s what I used (yellow stars) from this month’s kit...I can’t believe how many projects I can make with just ONE KIT!!   

I begin by asking your forgiveness for the quality of
my project photos.  YIKES!  

When you try to take pictures in the wee small hours of the night, they do not have proper lighting by candle wick.

The "technique" I have for you today is what I refer to as "thickening" or "fattening up" a simple "hand written" letter.

REMEMBER, for this technique, your hand writing

does not have to be pretty!!

Here's what I did for the background of this Journal Page...

Above...this bad picture is trying to show that I used water to spritz my journal page, scribbled with the pink Pitt BIG BRUSH pen, and took a foam brush to blend

Here I took a circle stencil and colored in the circles using the pink 

(I was hoping the smaller pictures would help hide my bad photography
...not working)

I then used this stencil with white gesso.

Once that was dry, 
I took my fingers and randomly added a little more gesso to the whole page.

Now for the focal image...using the AWESOME paint chips in our kit

I cut the Greens into strips...having 3 colors it great for shading.  I cut the 3 yellows into squares for the house, and used a heart punch for the flowers.  I purposely left the color name on the green chimney:) This is the 2nd project I was able to use the paint chips, yay!

I will doodle away later!

Now for the lettering...

Simple writing...right?  so not fancy.

Next, "thicken".  On the straight lines in a letter, you can kind of add a triangle to each end...see the A, B & d.  Start out by LITERALLY drawing a triangle on the ends.  

On the the curved parts of the letters, just "thicken" a little.

Then fill the lines in!  Easy, right???  TRY IT!

I wrote the rest of the alphabet below...

I "thickened" the letters, and then decided I liked them just like fill.  
...adds a little variety to the page.

Honestly, I did the house, "landscape" and then the Alphabet and wondered...what sentiment am I going to use to tie these together????

I literally  "googled"

"Alphabet Quotes" and found this one!!

It was perfect:)

I really love the "blue fragments" in our kit.  Tina finds the COOLEST products!

All the black doodles were done with my black Scarlet Lime pen.
The white doodles were done using a Uni-ball Signo pen.

is a photo of another journal page I did using our September kit, 
and the "thickening technique."

There is ALWAYS SO MUCH in our kits that I can use them for countless projects!!!  

They are SO worth the cost!


1.) Prepared the background with White Gesso 
2.) Randomly "smeared" both colors of the Pitt Big Brush Pens, while they were still 
3.) Cut out a house using scrapbook papers, and added some of the flowers and  
leaves found in the paper -adhered with matte medium 
4.) Added random pieces of torn book pages, including a door for the house.  
5.) Added the cute original FROG DOG Clock Stamp using black Stazon ink and  
the Blue Pitt Big Brush pen.
6.) Added Blue Fragments using Matte Medium.
7.) Smeared a little white gesso in random places to create a little more dimension and  
8.) Doodled and outlined with my black Scarlet Lime pen & both Big Brush pens.
9.) Wrote sentiment using the THICKENING TECHNIQUE 
taught in Lesson 2 of "Letter It."
10.) Hot glued the Pink plastic ribbon, brad tops, and button.

Now go do some lettering using the "Thickening" technique and show me your beautiful work on our



It's such a joy to hear from you creative friends!!

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. Thanks so much for this technique! I HATE my handwriting and never write on any projects. I tried this and love the result.

  2. I enjoy this technique and am able to apply it to Joanne Fink's book "Zenspirations; Letters & Patterning. Thanks for the share, I'll post it on my 2 FB groups, Zenspiration Inspirations ans Zentangle Enthusiates. Best wishes to your day.

  3. Shannon, you are SO WELCOME!! It really makes my day to hear about your success!!! Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to share this with me! I really would love to see what you've created:) There is ALWAYS something to be learned for each of us when we share:) Thanks again for writing!!!

  4. Marguerite, thank you for "visiting" and for taking the time to write!! As I said to Shannon, it really makes me day to connect with other artists! I just love Zentangles and would enjoy seeing your work! Go to our FD Blog and post some pics:) It's so great to meet fellow "creatives" Bless you!!