Thursday, May 8, 2014

Impressionistic Art with Oil Pastels and Vellum

Working with oil pastels is a love of mine.  They lend themselves to so many surfaces!  I would like to show you how to use your "finger" to spread out oil pastels, and to "paint" with oil pastels.

Here is the May kit.  Mixing everything within the kit works well!!

The background is created in the vellum book.  Oil pastels are colored thickly and then spread out with my finger.  The heat and oils from your finger(s) breaks down the oil pastel.  I used Amazing Crafting Products Allumilite Metallic Powder in Pearlescent.  Use a soft mop brush to spread out the powder.

Note:  I used the powder straight from the jar because it is a large surface I wanted to cover.  BUT if you are using the powder on a smaller surface or background, use a small watercolor brush, dip in container, and tap off in the lid.  This will prevent too much powder on the surface.

Stenciled over the background using the stencil in the Stampendous N Studio Stamps and Stencils.  The Prima Marketing ink was used.  Lightly tap over the stencil with the ink.

This is an illustration I created, draw or stamp an image (permanent ink).  Pencil is used and then a Micron Pen (Sakura of America) is used to trace over my pencil lines.  A kneaded or nylon eraser will remove the pencil.

I alternated inks with oil pastels to add color.  The inks were used on the moon and skin and light areas of pants.  The edge of the oil pastels used to add spots of color, then spread with my fingers.

Although the photo cannot show it, I used the Allumilite Powder in gold and pearlescent to add highlights and accents.

Here is a drawing of my son, asleep on the couch.  I liked the natural look so after the drawing I did a light spray of fixative so the pencil marks didn't smear.

With your craft sheet or on plastic, lay down thick patches of color and then use a watercolor brush and odorless mineral spirits to break down the oil pastel.  Dip the brush in the mineral spirits and light tap off the brush a little so it isn't dripping.  Color areas, adding more oil pastel and mineral spirits.

add more oil pastels on top to add texture and shading.

Here is a close up of the oil pastels.  This was created on bristol board.  On cardstock or a more porous surface, the color will soak in even more.  This is where you have to make sure to tap off your brush, if it is drippy, it will stain the cardstock.

An easy way to achieve the same look is to stamp an image with permanent ink and do the same technique.

Hope I have brought you some ideas to try with this month's kit!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! Great technique and beautiful art!