Friday, February 7, 2014

Postcards, with love:)

Happy February!  I love Valentines Day...even more now, because my Granddaughter was born on Feb. 14th, and she is such a love.  I wanted to create some Valentines Day postcards, and decided I wouldn't stop with the holiday cards, but would make some everyday postcards as well.

I tend to have cards stashed everywhere and often forget where I've put them, so I wanted a cute tin to keep them clean and organized so below you will see several projects in one.

All projects below made possible by Frog Dog Studios, Amazing Crafting Products, 

I started with a cute Christmas gift tag tin...using Heavy Gesso (from our Jan. kit)
to cover the old label.

Next, I used my new favorite stamp set from Sin City Stamps...I LOVE the cool detail in each butterfly, they lend such a vintage/feminine feel...I especially love the large size:)

1.) "Ink up" the Sin City butterfly stamps with the Versa Mark pad that came in our kit.
2.) Press each stamp onto a piece of white tissue paper
3.) Load up the sponge applicator from our kit (specially designed for Pan Pastels) with pastel.
4.) Carefully "brush" on color over the Versa Mark stamped images.

I think these stamps are so beautiful! 

I carefully cut them all out. Then applied them to the tin using Matte medium.

This may seem tedious, but some of the mindless work involved is a "no brainer" (haha) cause I listen to audio books when I create:)  

Anyone else do this? 

I confess to you right now....I listen to YA...pretty often:)

Using a fabric glue, I glued simple brown twine around the border and then used the Pan Pastel  to make it pink:)

I decided I wanted a little more texture and depth, so I repeated the steps used with the tissue paper on a thicker water color paper, and then cut them out, gluing them onto the tin with Mod Podge. 

In the above picture I am showing the stamp I used to add more interest
Brilliance Stamp Pad. (white)

A few more details were added and finished off with a thin metal wire tied around the stamped image "love letters."

I added the twine border to the tin in order to provide a "wall" for the resin I would finish the project with.  All of the elements that were added would be sealed beneath the hard surface of the clear resin, making it lasting and durable.

If you didn't know, Frog Dog Studios & Amazing Crafting Products have partnered 
in creating fun projects for you to be inspired by! 

Amazing Clear Cast Resin is sooooooo easy to work with and is really versatile...

Initially, I had hoped the twine would provide enough of a wall to "hold in" the resin, but silly me...the twine is porous, so although it kept the bulk of the resin inside it's walls, it soaked into the twine giving it a glossy appearance.  

It doesn't take much resin for something like this.  Simply follow the directions on the 
Amazing Clear Cast box 
(Mix part A & B, stir and pour)

It will take a good 24 hours to dry...but when it does, you will have a clear finish that is hard and durable, and seals in all your lovely embellishments!

If you try this project and don't like that look, using a paper pen for the border works very well.  I used a paper pen for the iphone case I did below.

Now for the CARDS that would be stored inside the tin:)

1.) Apply gesso to any paper you'd like to use.  (I used 12 x 12 white card stock)
*you do not have to use gesso when using Pan Pastels, but with the process below it is needed to achieve the same effect.

2.) "Rub" Pan Pastels over the dried gesso.  You can use all varieties of sponge applicators.  (even drug store make-up sponges) You can also use a dry brush.  Above, I actually used a Magic Eraser:)  I had one on hand and because of it's size, I found it easier to apply across a larger area.

3.)  Use a stencil (I'm using a 12 X 12 stencil )and wipe off color using a baby wipe (I keep them on my work space at all times) 

Above is an example of the sheet I did using both the Magenta & Permanent Green Pan Pastels.

4.) Cut to desired size and "mount" on another piece of plain white card stock, allowing a small border on the front of the card. (SEE BELOW FOR STANDARD POSTCARD MEASUREMENTS)

5.) Using a variety of stamps, add detail. (I used a Scarlet Lime pen to add the border and sentiment)

The butterfly was done by applying the Versa Mark to the Sin City Butterfly stamp, then adding white embossing powder. (by Zing)

When working with Pan Pastels, I often use a fixative.  

Fixative can be used as a way to isolate previous layers of color when working with pastels, 

especially on less toothy surfaces. It is also used to "seal" your work...

pastels "unsealed" can rub of a bit.  You can even use an aerosol hairspray as a fixative!


The next group of cards were made as follows:

1.) Cut white card stock to desired postcard size.

FYI:) According to the Postal Service, you may think that your mail piece is a "postcard," because it is a single sheet of paper...But, to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be:
Rectangular & at least 3-1/2 X 5 inches and no more than 4-1/4 X 6 inches.

Good to know:)

For the cards below, I cut to about 3 1/2 X 5 1/2, because I was going to add a border.

2.) Write sentiment with black Gelato.

If you have not tried Gelatos, I am here to say that they are one of my favorite mixed media tools!  I was very excited to use them this month!!!

You can leave the Gelato applied as is, or you can add water, using a brush to spread the color how ever you like.  You can also "smear" them with your finger (without water).  I often use smeared gelatos on the edges of my canvas pieces.

 All techniques can be used on one project to achieve a great layered look. 

3.) I used a wet brush to spread the gelato a bit.  
4.) Using the applicator in our kit, I spread both Pan Pastel colors onto my card.  
The wedge shaped applicator was perfect for getting into the tight spaces.

5.) Using a stencil as a guide, "dot" gelato in each space and then rub with your finger to extend the color to fill in the whole space.

6.) Outline the dots and word with both a white and black pen.  
(Uni-ball signo (white) & Scarlet Lime (black) )

7.) Glue onto old book page.  (I actually used my tape gun) then cut out leaving about 1/4 inch border. 

8.) Tape or glue the finished card fronts onto another piece of white card stock and then cut out.
(this gives your postcard more weight, and a nice clean side for the back.)

For the Valentines Day cards...

1.) draw a heart shape that fits the size of your post card.  (if you have a cookie cutter, you could use it to trace, or maybe a stamp you already have in your stash)

My heart extends a bit beyond my card.

2.) Tear the wonderful sheet of ephemera from our kit into pieces and adhere to the heart using glue or Matte medium.

3.) I used a brown Pan Pastel I already had to add an aging effect, by rubbing it on with the sponge applicators. You could use distress stain if you have that:)

In the picture above, the heart on the left is before aging, the right after.

The photos below show the process I used to create the background for the 
Valentines Day Cards using a Gelli Plate.

The Sin City stamp used above is from our Feb. Kit!

After stamping or using the stencil to create a pattern in the paint, remove stencil and stamp and press a clean piece of white card stock onto the Gelli plate. (see above)

Then cut out your postcards.

Above, I am applying the Magenta Pan Pastel to the dry card I created using the Gelli Plate.
I did the same application to the cards below.

To finish the Valentines Day cards, I stamped letters onto old book pages and 
cut out for the sentiments.

The white sentiment stamped on the card above is also in our kit.  (Sin City Stamps.)

At home in their new tin:)

Our monthly kits are so jammed packed with product that you can create projects for months!!
Once you purchase just a few, your mixed media supply will blow your mind.

I know that I'm not alone when I say that we LOVE to see what you all create using these great kits!

Please post your projects on our FB page!!!

It's a joy to share with you:)



  1. What a wonderful "Box of LOVE"! Sue - your work is gorgeous and your attention to detail & craftswomanship are out of this world! Thanks for including the tips on official postcard sizes and sealing the pan pastel. I look forward to giving these techniques a try as I too am new to pan pastels. :)

    1. Thank you Susan! I appreciate you taking the time to read my VERY LONG post!! AND, appreciate the kind words...we all could use those!!! xo

  2. Love the cards and your tin is fabulous. Thanks for all the tips

    1. Thank you Brenda! You are very welcome!! I love sharing things I love with people who love them too!!!!!

  3. beautiful workmanship, I agree with Susan's coments - some projects need the long post, in order to include all the creativity that goes into making such pretty projects.

  4. Maria, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. The art community is such a source of inspiration, and it is a wonderful thing that we can encourage each other in our shared passion for creating:) Blessings:)

  5. These are so gorgeous! I love buying and sending out postcards, but I don't often make my own. LOVE this idea!