Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hooked - Sin City Stamps

Sin City Stamps is our partner this month!  Not only do they sell stamps, but chipboard pages, pieces, and masks.  With SCS, I used the Pan Pastels in the kit (and others), and used some scraps from Amazing Mold Putty (another partner) - recycling enameled pieces poured into molds!  Don't throw Anything Out!!!

Pan Pastels are rich in pigment and creamy binders make blending effortlessly.  It is almost like oil painting.  I did use a little white Gelato where I wanted to add an even lighter shade.  Build of layers of color using the tool in the kit and I also used another tool I had on hand.  

Think of how the colors blend to form new colors.  Add more of a shade to intensify the color hue.  Tap and move colors to add texture.

To add further texture to the fish, I used parts of the Nautical Sin City Stamps Plate.  The bottom of the fish is actually a globe, and the top is dots from a crab.  Look at your stamps in different ways so you can utilize them as is or in other ways.

I went back over the fish with various colors of Pan pastels, pulling and tapping to bring stronger intensity to some areas.  

I will be combining this blank chipboard page with the fish page.  I went over the surface with white Gelato to lighten it up.  Almost like Gesso.

I really wanted texture to come through from this back page to the front.  With the tool in the kit it was easy to add the blue in splotches.

As mentioned above, after molding art pieces with Amazing Mold Putty with enamel; I saved the edge scraps I broke off and saved in a bag.  I found they looked cool as shells on the bottom of the sea floor.  I never like to throw away these bits and pieces.  More Amazing Crafting Products coming up!!!

The border of the top chipboard was done much like the second page of this chipboard book.  Layered colors, adding texture by tapping color on top and using white Gelato to add a more watery look.

Another little fish was painted with Pan Pastels and the hook-eyes of fish- were first painted with Pan Pastel and then resin covered on top.  The resin is part of the Amazing Crafting Products line!!!  

A Sin City Quote from the Nautical Stamp Sheet was added as well as wire and beads to attach both pages of the chipboard book together.

This month's kit reminds me of impressionistic art.  Van Gogh and Monet are among some of my favorite artists.  They were 2 prominent impressionistic artists.    

If you were hooked on a feeling and it didn't work out, know there are Plenty of Fish in the Sea!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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