Thursday, January 16, 2014

Phone Booth Fun with Amazing Crafting Products!

I continue to work on my phone booth pages as I design with Genuinely Jane Wood Books.  I wanted to point out the etheral face that I made with Amazing Mold Putty!  Amazing Crafting Products    include the mold putty, resins, dyes, and powders!!!

The link above will send you to two great videos to help you get started with using the AMP.  There is also a blog which has two years of ideas and tutorials.  Also check out YouTube for more!

Here is the whole page!!!  I used my Geli Plate (if you need one the FDS store might have a kit left) and created this 2 stage printed design.  I used parts from the kit and created my molded piece as an element.

This is the photo from the back of the box.  The video on AMP site is very helpful and there are a lot of tips for creating your mold.  It is really easy!

Tips that helped me were:

A.  Measure each part of putty to be mixed together by 1/2 the size of the piece.  That is 1/2 the size in yellow and 1/2 the size in white.  If you have a little too much that is better than too little.

B.  Instead of just "mushing" the item into the putty, I read that to roll it on from one side to the other gives you even coverage without one part being too thin.  Then you can press the bottom on a hard surface to give it a flat bottom.

C.  Humidity.  If you live in a humid area, don't fret!  It does take more time for the mold and resin to cure, so I like to pour my resin and walk away for several hours - it is not necessary but I am so impatient.

See the above mold!  If I had added  a little more of each compound it would be perfect.  As it is, it is almost foolproof this mold came out great!!!  The resin used was NOT the clear so it dries white.  You can choose the clear or regular resin.

Be sure to watch the videos on mixing and pouring the resin.  It is easy as making a mold.  Both the mold and resin require a Part A and Part B and heat is the catalyst to making it work.  YES you are a scientist designer!

Going back to the face, I painted it with a metallic blue paint first.  Then I used an Allumilite Metallic Powder and brushed it over the top.  I so adore the look!!!  It adds a contrast to the element.  You can brush the powder into your mold before even pouring the resin.  Automatic metallic looks.

Altering wood books and creating your own elements with Amazing Crafting Products is too much fun.  The ideas are Endless.  Follow your dreams and create to your hearts content.

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


  1. Wow! I love the ethereal face - and the metallic powder over the top is a perfect finish :o)

  2. My dream colors. I can't tell you how much I love this.