Friday, January 17, 2014

Expanding Your Options - January 2014

Hello everyone, it's Keri here, I'm hoping that so far 2014 is treating you fabulously!

2014 is a year of change for me, which I'm sad to say, means that this will be my last month here at Frog Dog Studio.  I'm moving into a new/old home on a large plot of land, so let the renovation adventures begin!  My creative time for 2014 will be mostly spent with a paintbrush or tool in my hand, but rather than canvas and paper, it will be walls and wood!

For my final tutorial, I had some fun with glossy photo paper & art mediums from my lovely Frog Dog collection.  It's so fun to just play "art chemist" for a while, and experiment with how different art mediums react to the glossy paper.  I had a blast and hope you'll enjoy it too!

A big THANK YOU to Tina, the Frog Dog design team, and those of you who have participated and left such nice comments during my time here.  I've enjoyed it so much, and will definitely continue to keep my eye on the gorgeous creativity that you all create with your current and future Frog Dog kits.

Much love ~Keri


  1. Fascinating video, really enjoyed watching you experiment and the effects you created were amazing. Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

  2. thanks for the inspiration! I want to go to my craft room right now and start experimenting!

  3. Wonderful... Good luck with your move and your future endeavors this year! I would love to work on a new/old house! Have fun!