Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Chalkboard Countdown

As always, I can't believe how many projects can be created from 1 Frog Dog Kit!

Having a kit with so many options, really provides such great inspiration.
Sometimes, I desire to create...and don't know where to start...This is just not the case when you have a box FULL OF INSPIRATION found in our monthly kits!

So, on to the project:)

I purchased these 7"X 3 1/2" unfinished wood blocks last year from Michaels.

I have tried to find a link to them online, and have had no luck.  You can use any size you can find that you like...OR...if you have a handy hubby or friend with a saw, he/she could cut these for you from inexpensive 2 by 4's:) 

1.) Paint blocks with Black Chalkboard Paint.
2.) Cut and adhere matching scrapbook paper to all sides but the "front" chalkboard.

I found a scrapbook paper I liked to match the simple black & white theme and cut a piece for each side, decreasing each measurement by 1/4 inch in (from the block size) in order to see just a smidge of the black chalkboard paint as a "border." I attached them with a tape gun. (ATG)

3.) Draw a triangle on card stock and use it as a template to trace onto fabric. (I used a gel pen on the fabric and made sure to cut the triangle out- inside the line) Keep the triangles small, so that they will not cover up the writing you do on the chalkboard fronts. 

I LOVE the fabric in our kit this month!!

My triangles measure about an inch long at the point and about an inch wide at the top.

4.) Line up your pieces, evenly spaced, so that the ribbon (lined with glue) can be flipped over and placed directly on top.  (I chose a thin 1/4" ribbon I had on hand that matched my colors)

(I like to use PVA glue because it's easy to work with and has a strong bind.  You could also use craft glue or even a glue gun.)

For the Numbers, I made molds with the AMAZING MOLD PUTTY from Amazing Crafting Products-our NEW CRAFTING PARTNERS!  

You'll be seeing lots more projects using their great products paired with our one of a kind  MONTHLY KITS!

The mold putty is super easy to use...just mix equal parts (yellow and white) with your hands until a uniform color is achieved.  It hardens very quickly...take one minute to mix and then 1 minute to cast your object.  

I used these cardboard numbers and pressed them deep enough to create a thicker finished piece. Leave the object in the putty for 20 min, and then remove from the now flexible mold.

Now that I have these molds, I have an unlimited source for these numbers.  I can cast over and over for many future projects!

Next, I mixed a small batch of Casting Resin to pour into my molds. (about 1 tsp. of each A & B)
EASY to do...combine equal parts of A & B...slowly mix (following pkg. directions), then pour into molds.

It only takes 10 minutes to set!  Immediate gratification:)  LOVE THAT!

I coated each number with Mod Podge and then covered them with glitter.

( I used equal parts of the 3 glitters above...they were on sale at Michaels...3 for $9)

I think the combination of all 3 glitters gives the finished product a more aged vintage feel:)

I trimmed the Tim Holtz TREE with ivory Bliss Beads and Rice Lights.

I think these lights are my favorite "NEW FIND."   
(you can find them at Hobby Lobby)

I also added the pretty silver "tinsel" Tina included in our kit.

The numbers were added with hot glue along with the decorative clips holding the fabric banner
- I found a package of 10 clips at Hobby Lobby.

I used a Chalkboard Marker (Michael's or Hobby Lobby) to write 25 days 'til Christmas, which can be erased and changed each day.

It's all lit up! and it's 9 days 'till Christmas!

Love sharing with you:)

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