Friday, September 27, 2013

Kid Stuff Canvas

Youer than you!

Here's what I used from the kit...(yellow stars)

My granddaughter LOVES Giraffe's, so when I decided I'd make a canvas for a child's room I was drawn to "Geoffrey." I picked out a piece of yellow printed scrapbook paper that was compatible  with the Pitt Big Brush pens I was going to use.

Below you can see that I first sketched the Giraffe outline with a pencil.
Start with 2 ovals, one slightly bigger than the other & connect. 

Next, I added the background to my canvas. I am using an 8 X 8.  I don't really need to apply a base coat of gesso because this canvas is already primed.

I first used the Blue Pitt Big Brush Pen, "scribbling" across the whole canvas then spraying with a light mist of water...I moved the ink around on the canvas with a foam brush.  

After I dried that layer with a heat tool, (doesn't take long!) I grabbed the stencil below and created several layers.  

For the first layer I sprayed Dylusions Inks in Vibrant Turquoise and then London Blue, blotting it with paper towels before lifting up the stencil.  

After that layer was dry, I used the same stencil, but this time I used gesso.

I sprayed another thin layer of Dylusions Ink (Vibrant Turquoise), tipping the canvas to let some drip and then blotted with a paper towel and allowed to dry.

I hit the canvas with light mist of the White Dylusions Ink from our kit.

Meanwhile, I cut out the sketched giraffe in pieces and when the canvas was dry, adhered with Studio Matte Medium, which you can purchase in our Frog Dog Store.

Below, I added spots, eyes, nose and inner ear with gesso (later, I also added the teeth)...preparing these areas to "receive" the Pink Pitt Big Brush Pen."  If I had skipped the gesso step, the ink from the Big Brush Pen would have soaked into the thin scrapbook paper and would not have kept its true color. 
The Gesso also adds dimension.

I decided on a "sentiment" and typed it out in "Pages" (word processor on my MAC) using the 

and printed it off on white card stock, cutting out each word separately.

I added some yellow with my Neo II water color crayons and then doodled a border.
I also used the fun yellow hole punch reinforcements (I had to look up their name -I would have just called them the little hole cover thingies)

Above you can see the Blue Fragments from our kit...I love the dimension and "silliness" they add...I adhered them with matte medium.

FINALLY, I wrapped the canvas in the super cool pink vinyl ribbon from our fabulous kit, stapling it to the top and finishing with a bow.  One of the things I discovered with this stuff, is that it takes on shape.  

In the picture above, you can also see more closely where I added a border to the canvas with the Pink Pitt Big Brush Pen...rubbing it in with my fingers while it was still a little wet.

See below:
I wrapped it in a pen to give it a loose corkscrew shape.

You can't see it, cause it's transparent, but I added a bit of Aileen's craft glue to a couple of spots on the ribbon to keep it in place on the front of the canvas. 

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I hope you are inspired to create your own canvas with our FABULOUS SEPTEMBER KIT!

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