Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bring On The Color! - Featured Kit and LTD Kit

This month's kits inspired me to the max!  I like bold, jewel tone or tropical colors!  I do like earthy colors but the tropical colors make me happy.

Here is the September kit.  Look at all the goodies you receive!!!  I especially LOVE the Faber Castill Pitt Stamper's Big Brush!  Along with the stamps, the Big Brushes are permanent on paper, but on non porous surfaces, the color stays wet - so perfect for stamping with.  The Dylusions spray let me get playful and add splatters to my art.  The items I didn't use in this post, will be showcased in my Playful Musings post on August 25.

Here is the Limited Edition Kit!  I adore creating with the Gelli Plate!  The brayer you receive is soft and perfect for making mono prints.  The Stencils and other goodies has your imagination going on overdrive not wanting to stop designing prints!

This art infuses 2 Gelli Plate prints,  the Big Brush Pens, and a graphic image I computer generated.

A little paint goes a long way on the Gelli plate.  For best results, use water-based paint and inks.  Oil based may be used but they are harder to work with and clean off the plate.

An even motion back and forth, side to side is used.  Sweep upwards at the top, and downwards at the bottom lifting the brayer off the end of the plate with each pass.  The brayer in the kit is a soft brayer which is perfect for mono printing with the Gelli plate. Harder brayers won't work as well.

Here are photos of the two Gelli prints I made.  I took the first print, and adhered the second print on top for contrast.  I enhanced the second print - the circles, by using the  Big Brush Pens.  The circles were originally white.

The graphic is printed on vellum and adhered to the art after using the  Big Brush Pens, black pen, and white ink to add contrast, dimension and color.  3D elements added for further contrast and texture.

Here is the finished art.  After printing with the Gelli plate, I added more ink, stenciled numbers, collaged, add more ink from the Big Brush Pens, and 3D embellishments.  See how the pink lacing adds a perfect divider from the two prints.

This art is using the featured kit, no Gelli plate.  I die cut the background paper and watercolor painted cardstock.  To enhance it, I took crumbled plastic, and scribbled on it with the Big Brush Pens.  These Big Brush Pens stay wet on stamps and any non- porous surfaces (see my Playful Musings at the end of the month for more detail).

The white Dylusions spray is a dream!!  I was able to spritz and splatter (from the bottle) the paint.  Also added white to the UmWow Chipboard elements.  The sun was stamped using the Big Brush Pens  and painted/enhanced with a gel pen.  The black "amazing" was made more dimensional with the black paint pen.

3 different types of art, done differently but from the Featured Kit and the Limited Edition Kit!!!  Too many ideas to show here, once I started creating, I couldn't Stop!

Gelli Plate Tips:
- Fabric paints like Lumiere's will work with the Gelli Plate.  You will get beautiful results.

- Watercolors are not the best for the Gelli Plate. The viscosity (thin) will bead up on the Gelli Plate.  It can be done, especially with Gouache watercolors.  Experiment and see what you can come up with.

- Do your monoprinting on dry paper - do not wet or soak paper first.  Glossy does not work as it will stick to the plate and damage the surface of the plate.

- If your paints bead up on the surface, there might be a film build up, easy to remove by washing plate surface with dish soap like Dawn.

- If your paper is sticking to the Gelli Plate, there is too little paint on the surface.  A slight learning curve as you print, to see how much paint is required.  You want a thin coat but not too thin.

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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  1. Thanks for the Gelli plate tips - have never done it before!!!