Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Kit Canvas: Give Without Expecting Anything:)

Hello!  Sue here with another April Kit project.
I apologize right away for the lack of photos during the "process."  
It happened rather quickly, and to be honest...I was "caught up in the moment!"

Does that ever happen with you?

I will do my best to explain what you see and hope that if you have any questions, 
you won't hesitate to ask!

I started with the canvas minis...they gave me the direction for the canvas.
9 circles would be the "background subject."

I used a paper pen (from a previous FD kit) in black to draw flowers.
As I began work on the rest of the canvas, these would have time to dry.

Next, I collaged the background with various old book pages, labels, and the GoRGEoUS  Deco patch tissue paper from our April kit.

(adhering with matte medium)

I wanted to pull out a hint of green, so I added a little acrylic paint in random spots.

After the paint was added, I went back with a credit card, and spread a thin layer of gesso over the whole canvas to soften the colors.

I traced the canvas minis to create the 9 circles.

Using old book pages, I cut out circles and then doodled on them using a 
Pitt multi-liner and Scarlet Lime pen.

I left a few circles empty to allow the word "give" more ""breathing room."

Above you can see what I did with each "traced circle." I first used the iZink pigment ink in gold...taking the dropper that comes with the bottle, I simply filled it with ink and went around the circle's edge.  Immediately, I sprinkled the Alumidust Powder in plum, over the wet gold ink and tapped off the excess.  I "hit it" with a heat tool to set.

You can also see above, that I cut out several of the "lime" shapes from the tissue paper and added them randomly to the canvas with matte medium.  

The edge of the circle is outlined with the Scarlet Lime Pen.  These pens are wonderful because they practically write through mud:)

I wrote the word "give" with a bottle of Pinata ink from a previous kit. 
I wrote with the tip of the bottle itself.

*Our kit products last for soooo many projects!

Above is a close-up of the canvas mini.  I glued these on with mod podge.

The second line is also written with the Scarlet Lime pen.

I loved the Gold ink, and decided to add more, letting it drip down by tipping the canvas up.
The final steps were to add a few randomly placed word stamps and a 
black edge to the canvas using a gelato.

Hope this project "GIVES" you some inspiration for your own canvas 
using our Amazing April Kit!

It's a joy to share with you,



  1. I really love this canvas, and I truly understand how you can get cought up - when all these ideas come at you while creating - the last thing in your mind is "get the camera" you are in the moment, creativity hits you and you go with it. Love it and I really would love to take this as inspiration to making my own version.

  2. Maria, you are so kind to take time to write! What a thrill for me to know you would like to use this as an inspiration for your own piece. Please share it, if you do!! I would really love to see:)