Friday, March 21, 2014

Altered Tins

Our Frog Dog March Mixed Media Kit is full of possibilities! I have created a range of projects this month... from a repurposed discount frame, a journal cover (coming soon), 
and today's project altered tins.

I started with the larger tin and adhered the Dusty Attic Gears with mod podge.

Next, I added these sticky letters.  I had purchased them awhile back on a sale rack at Michaels.
They have a texture that will show up under the foil tape.

Next, I cut the foil tape to cover the gears and the letters.
To get into the nooks and crannies, I used the eraser end of a mechanical pencil, and in a few really tight spots, I used a bone folder. Don't use anything sharp or it will tear the foil. 

With a paper trimmer I cut the foil tape into different sized strips.
I covered the rest of the Tin top with the strip pieces, placing them randomly to fit.

Using the other end of the mechanical pencil (lead inside) 
I pushed straight down making marks that resemble rivets.

I used the pencil to draw different designs on each strip piece.

To add a bit of "aging" I rubbed black acrylic paint all over the top, and then gently wiped it back off with a baby wipe.  (you could use a damp paper towel) The paint was left in all the groves and edges.
This step really helped emphasis the little details.

You can't see in the photo above, but I also cut a thin strip of foil tape to cover the side edges of the top piece and used the pencil to add more "rivets" all the way around the tin.

Tin #2

For the smaller tin, I used Amazing Crafting Products to create more gears. 
(I know I will get a lot of use out of these molds for future projects!)

The price of the Amazing Crafting Products is minimal, considering you can make casts of your molds over and over without having to purchase more metal pieces or chipboard.

The Amazing Casting Resin goes a LONG way!!

See the steps for making the gears  here in my previous post.

I had a few metal pieces in my "stash" and I wiped on the Pinata color from our kit and quickly wiped it off with a baby wipe, leaving some of the black to fill in the groves.

Below, you can see that the metal pieces are darker, and that they also have the Rusting Powder added, which I will explain in steps further below.

I covered the tin with torn pieces of an old book, glueing them on with mod podge.

Next, I took a wedge sponge to apply some of the Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist -Silhouette Silver  to give the book page pieces even a little more "aging" 

Below, the top has color, the bottom does not.  It's pretty subtle.

Next I placed the "bottle caps" (Tim Holtz Salvage Stickers) evenly on the top and used a Black Derwent Inktense watercolor pencil to outline each one. Once you outline with the pencil, you go back with a small wet brush to "wake up" the color and create some depth.
Hopefully, the effect is that they look like real bottle caps with dimension:)

I used this same process around the letters "stuff" from the same Tim Holtz Salvage Stickers.

I could not believe how many cool pages of stickers came in this ringed folder!!!  
Enough for MANY MANY more projects!!

Finally, I added the Dusty Attic Rusting Powder to all the "parts" and the edges of the tin...trying to age the areas that naturally rust on a real vintage tin.

To use the rusting powder:
1.) Apply liquid glue (craft glue, matte medium, mod podge, or even embossing liquid) to the areas you want to rust.  
2.) Sprinkle rusting powder over those areas, tapping off excess on piece of paper.
3.) Pour excess back into jar (you'll want to save every bit of this super cool product!!)
3.) Spray with a white vinegar.
4.) Let it dry for at least 30-60 min.  Rust deepens with time.

Below, you can see where I added the "spinner hand" from our kit to the clock piece I had in my stash.
I also added a little metal wire "tied" to the gear on top. 

The "gear" that is second from the top of this pile, is a gear made with 

It's always hard to stop "creating" with our monthly kits.  So much product with such inspiration from all the other talented ladies on our design team!

Every set of tins created has been so unique.  I love them all!!

Check out Laura Mooney's , I love the colors!

Not to mention the rest of our design team's creations so far...

Hope you've been inspired to create TINS!!  

We'd love to see yours on our Facebook page!

It's always such a joy to share with you!



  1. Both of these tins are so chock-full of mixed media goodness. If they weren't in the same post, I wouldn't think they were created by the same AMAZING artist!