Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pan Pastels, Gelatos, Stamp, Collage! February Kit Happiness!!

The February Kit inspired me in so many ways!  Working with all the elements of Gelatos, Pan Pastels, stamps, and collage, fills my soul.  Makes me happy!!!  The Gelatos and stamps give a strong image, while the Pan Pastels give a soft look.    Mix both for contrast on your layout.  Soft and hard, simple and detailed.  It all adds interest to an art piece.  This is a journal page.

Started out soft with Pan Pastels.  Even with just the pink and green in the kit, you can create a stunning background.  As my other works, I like to do patches of Gelato color - this time I used a damp paint brush to spread the color out and break down the binder.  The Pan Pastels like to adhere themselves to the Gelatos.  A marriage made in heaven!!

I used Sin City Stamps - our partner this month.  Look at stamps in different ways.  I wanted the music so I left the background and collaged over the rose.  Whatever way you decide to use your stamps is the right way to work.

Random stenciling with a contrasting color of Pan Pastels adds a strong contrast.  With the kit, try using the pink for the background and stenciling letters or patterns with the green!  It will look awesome.  Note:  Look at the flowers...they were pink, but made red with Pan Pastels!

Use your tool in the kit and draw the pastel into the stencil, not tapping or just moving over the surface.  Right to left, then left to right.  I like to be hap-hazzard and not use the whole the whole stencil for a free form look.

The "U" chipboard was done by coloring with a Gelato color, then using the damp brush to blend in.  I also used the brush on the end of the Gelato to pick up more color to darken various areas.  With the February Kit, you might want to add some white as a highlight as well.

PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY is my Mantra!!!

Don't think, just feel and do!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea