Friday, January 10, 2014

Wood Canvas Panel Using January's Limited Edition Kit

I feel the same every month I receive a Frog Dog kit ..."This is my favorite!!"
I say it and mean it every time and this month is no exception.

Tina knew I would be giddy over the Limited Edition Kit this month, and I am so happy that she allowed me to work with this particular LE:) The Super Heavy Gesso is such a wonderful product and the Viva Colour Croco Crackling Color has become my favorite "secret weapon." I especially love the color that came in the is so RICH and VIBRANT!

Every kit item is "right up my ally" and the Clear Snap Molding Mat's are a product I've never worked with and they are SOOOOO versatile!!! 

You'll see....

Let's get into the project.

I began by "loading up" the 10 X 10 wood canvas panel with the Super Heavy Gesso, using a palette knife from the Color Factory palette knife set that came in this GENEROUS kit.

(Tina, how did you know I've been using my small off set kitchen spatula???!
so glad to have a real palette knife!)

While the gesso was wet, I used the Clear Snap molding mat (little love) pressing it into the gesso randomly all over the panel.  

I knew that I was going to make a row of houses on "a hill" so I used the palette knife to separate the space creating "hills" by dragging the knife across the wet gesso. 

NOTE: make sure you always rinse your mats immediately for easy clean up!

Once the gesso was dry (I'm a bit impatient, so I hurried it along with a heat tool)
I applied the Viva Colour Croco Crackling Color in Azure, using the same palette knife.

NOTE: the thicker you apply the crackling color the more cracks you will achieve.

I applied it heavier at the top of the canvas to resemble "sky" and achieve more cracks
and lighter on the bottom because I wanted to see the texture I created with the mats and planned to add a bit of green for the "hills."

Whatever base color is beneath the crackling color, will peek through the cracks it produces.  I knew that I wanted to see white, but you could use any color you like 
to give your piece a totally different look.

In another project I did this month, I put black underneath.

(sneak peek below)

-you can even see some of the impressions made with one of the molding mats:)

Below, the bottom of the canvas has a very light coat with minimal crackle and the molding mat impressions are the star.

Above is the first step to creating the houses for the canvas using the cherry ice smooch spray with the 
The Crafters Workshop stencil sweet home.  

Before spraying the Smooch, roll the applicator between your palms to thoroughly mix all the wonderful shimmer.

I wasn't concerned about neat edges, because I knew I would be cutting these out.

The paper used is 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper, 
but you could use card stock as well.

The stencil includes both the "body" of the houses as well as an overlay with details.

 I used Montana acrylic paint markers (shock light blue & sahara beige)
to add the details. If you haven't tried Montana paint markers they are really worth a try.  I love the control I have in a marker and being able to have that control with paint is so handy...
*fine detail without using a paint brush that will need to be cleaned up!

After the paint markers dried, I outlined and "doodled" with my favorite black pitt multi liner pen  
(xs tip) and added a few more details with a uni-ball signo pen in white.

I cut out each house and then adhered them to the canvas with mod podge.

Next, I added a bit of shimmer to the whole piece with the Smooch spritz spray in ginger ale.

Above you can see more detail added with the very versatile clear snap molding mats using a Brillance stamp pad. 

Not only can you use the molding mats to add great texture to gesso, pastes, mold putty, and clay, but you can use them as a stamp with ink or paint.

You can see the molding mat above stamped on the tall house below using a Brilliance stamp pad.

The Green was then added to the "hills" with a Big brush Pitt pen in earth green.
I "scribbled on some color, then rubbed and smeared with my fingers.

The Super Heavy Gesso gave the clouds great "fluff" and dimension.

To add depth to the houses, they were outlined with a black Pitt Big Brush pen and then quickly smeared with my finger before it was dry.

I stamped each word with a foam stamp set I found on sale for $3 at Michaels onto a piece of cardstock.
(I really like the  font and loved the price!) Each word was cut out then glued on with mod podge and t outlined with the black Pitt Big Brush pen and "smeared" a little with my finger.

Below, you can see the super cute industrial lamp finding found in our kit. I sprayed a few pumps of the Smooch spritz spray (champagne) into the Tim Holtz ink palette found in our kit, then used a small paint brush to paint on the "glow" - both around the lamp and on the lamp itself.  

(*NOTE-with a final spray of acrylic matte sealer to the whole canvas piece, the Smooch on the lamp will be permanent)

I was very happy with the effect.

I added some trees with Pitt Big Brush pens in earth green, green olive and dark sepia. 
The hill border lines were darkened with the earth green
& the added words on top of the hill were done with the white Uni-ball Signo pen.

Don't forget to add color, texture, and depth to the sides of your panel.
The outside edges were highlighted with Pitt Big Brush pens in earth green and black with a touch of white Uni-ball Signo.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are having your own fun with our AMAZING JANUARY KITS!!

Stay tuned for more creative tutorials every day from our team!

It's a joy to share with you!!



  1. This is super cute! I love the few Montana Markers I have bought from your store. :)

  2. Thanks Katie! Do you have any favorite colors? I'd like to get a few more:)

    1. I l-o-v-e the white one I have. I also have yellow, blue and beige. The beige is great for a skin tone!

  3. Katie, I will have to try the white for sure:)