Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Greatest Gift : a Christmas Canvas Tutorial

Created with our December Kit

Once again, I find myself digging into our monthly kit, finding it hard to quit, because there is SOOO much in it!  Many items in our kits can be used the stencils and stamps this month.  Others products like the Modeling Cream and Silks can be used over and over again! 

Our hope is that we stir your creative juices each month, as you expand your "learned techniques" and product knowledge as well as your own "stash" of mixed media supplies.

This project starts with a 10 x 10 Canvas.

I used a plastic card to "smear" the Luminarte Silks in Carmen and Fern onto the canvas.
Silks go on smooth and vibrant, adding a rich dimension of "glimmer." Once dry, they are permanent, and maintain their rich colors.

Next, I added Distress Paint (china blue).  The bottle has a sponge applicator, so I just rubbed on the color right out of the bottle.

Below, you can see the yellow added (Distress Paint in wild honey)
along with the letter stencil. ( Tim Holtz cargo)

To apply design, use black acrylic paint, loaded onto a sponge make-up applicator. 
(found at the drug store)
Dip the sponge into the paint, wipe excess off on a paper towel so that the paint is more dry than wet.
"blot" the stencil with an up and down "stamping" motion. 

In the above photo, I wanted you to see the additional black paint "smears" along with the yellow circles. (which were easy to achieve with the round sponge applicator on the top of the Distress Paint)

Tis the season for BUBBLE WRAP! A fun way to apply paint to achieve texture...simply brush on paint and press onto the canvas.

The heart was given added dimension and depth using a black Caran D'ache watercolor crayon.
Outline, then smear with your finger or add water (with a wet brush) for a darker "crisper" line.

I added a few pieces of the  cool "woven" ribbon that came in our kit with a little mod podge.
Above, you can see how the glimmer in the silks comes right through the white painted bubble wrap dots...Silks are amazing....I wonder how they make them?!  We should ask Martha:)

Using a stencil I had, I added more black.

With a "sea" sponge, I blotted on more white.

Above, you can get a closer look at the black Caran D'ache watercolor crayon outline.
I used the same crayon around the edge of the canvas, along with more Carmen Silks.

Above is a photo of the wild honey Distress Paint.  The top left corner of the canvas shows the marks I made with the sponge applicator as I "dabbed" it across the canvas corner.

Added to the heart, are some old Christmas Postage Stamps along with a few more stenciled dots using the fern Silks.

I drew an abstract "Tree" on the right side of the canvas using the black Caran D'Ache watercolor crayon. I took the tree around the edges of the canvas. On top of the black outline, I added my favorite white pen (uni-ball signo) which I also used to write some of the words. Adding white to the "tree line" helps it stand out among all the dark colors.

Above, you can see the "loose" circles, added with the white uni-ball signo pen.

 The Signo and the Scarlet Lime (black) are used in the lettering above and below.  
The yellow "boxes" for the letters are made with the wild honey Distress Paint.

I will often search for fonts online to "mimic."  I liked this one below, and used it as a guide for drawing my letters.

I found this font here.

Our kit came with so many beautiful ephemera images. I cut them out and added a bit of color/aging to the edges using black StazOn ink applied with a drug store make-up sponge.

I glued them on with matte medium, then colored around each one with the Caran D'Ache watercolor crayon...this adds depth, and helps each piece stand out.

Last but not least, I used the Stamp from our kit ( Prima Vintage Vanity Checkered Stamp) to randomly add a little more texture, using the black StazOn ink pad.

I took the color and the stamp"over the edge"

Hope you feel inspired to create your own Canvas Project with our December Kit!

It is a joy to create and share with you,


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