Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Witchy Halloween Journal Cover

A Spooktacularly Fun Halloween Journal Cover!  I had the most fun creating my project with this month's kit!  Halloween is one of my fav holidays - colors, candy, and creepy goodness!  This cover will be used to create a book with past and present Halloween pictures with my kids and Girl Scout troops I was leader and trainer for.

Lots of yummy supplies in this kit!  Using the Exclusive Stencil and Studio 490 Paste, dimensional accents are added to this journal cover.  Check the moon and the house stone.  I didn't use the stencil for all over cover on the house, I blocked areas with painter's tape and just had the stones in various areas.

The art parts - are to Die For!  You can make 6 different houses and finish them the way YOU want to!  

Lindy's Stamp Gang brings you a cool green spray and an unbelievable embossing powder!  All the little accents only enhance the cover.

I first sprayed areas of Halloween decorative paper, holding the spray a little closer than usual so I would get splatters and drippy splotches.  the moon is created with a circle stencil, a palette knife, and the paste.  This paste is porous and foam-like, great to accept color and not look stiff like other pastes.  I LOVE IT!!!

I covered the stencil with painter's tape to ensure a perfect circle would be produced.  Gently lift stencil when done to keep the integrity of the shape.  Let dry a few hours (depending on humidity - needs more time) and then you are ready to paint!

I stamped with pigment ink, and used Lindy's Stamp Gang EP to create a patterned roof.  Look how metallic and cool the roof looks.  The color is a rich gold-black.  Gorgeous!

Distressed Paints and my "fingers" (I do often and found out Wendy Vecchi does too) to blend a yellow moon with orange accents.  I used my paint pen from the September kit to add spooky cloud accents, and to paint the metal fence.  The fence was cut, leaving a space for the house to fit in.

Gelly Roll Moon Light Pens were used to add the light the moon would give off.  The bat is the black mouldable sheet in the kit!  I cut it with my Cuttlebug and a die.  Painted accents and again used the Gelly Roll Pen.

To add more pattern and texture, a stamp was used to subliminally add the depth in various areas on the decorative paper.

Added color to the roof with Distressed Paints, and also on the spider web.  The house was painted a dull green and rust/orange stippling added.  Using the Exclusive Stencil, I added random areas to look like stone using the paste.  Just like the moon, I used painter's tape to block areas of the stencils.  Using the palette knife is easy, like frosting a cake!!  A mix of colors from paint to ink pads help to give a realistic look to the stone.  I did not create the paste "smooth," I did bumpy texture again for realism.

The newspaper is a great background.  A little Distressed Stain and you have a great background to collage the gypsy witch to.

In the art parts house kit, there are these wood planks.  I painted it and then painted "31."  Added the skull head bead.  Now the cover is getting SPOOKY!

Close up of the skull and painted date.

The cat was cut then adhered to paper I colored yellow, then cut out again.  I used a Glue Dot to make the cat pumpkin stand out from the fence.

Finishing is layering with more decorative paper, collaging images distressing newspaper print and witch images.  Cardstock, trim (in kit) and decorative border complete the art.  Also in the kit are a couple cool clothespins!  I painted the top purple and added it to the edge.

Looking forward to construct the rest of the book and adding the photos I want!  I have plenty of leftovers from the kit to use throughout the book!

Have a fun, safe Halloween!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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