Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter It! / Halloween Card

Here's what I used from the kit

Frog Dog Original Stencil

Cosmic Pink Embossing Powder
Freaky Franken Lime Starburst Spray
both from Lindy's Stamp Gang



Along with Black Modeling Film...VERY cool stuff!

I have LOVED every bit of our kit this month...  
I could not stop creating projects, and I still have product left for more:)

For this project, I began with the intent of putting the Pink Embossing Powder to good use, and a card is what emerged... perfect for my monthly series: Letter It!

I created the outside of the card first.

2- 6 X 6 Black Cardstock
3- 5X5 White Carstock

I adhered the white card stock (using a tape gun)
 to the front of the card and the 2 inside pages.

To join the pages, I punched 3 small holes in the black card stock.
The first hole was punched in the center -at the 3 inch mark, and the other two holes were made 1/2" from the edges.

I cut a piece of black waxed linen to tie in each hole, adding a few beads and double knotting the ends.

In the photo above, you can see the details outlined below

1.) I used our ORIGINAL FROG DOG STENCIL for the background.  Laying the stencil down on the center of the white card stock, I pressed an embossing pad all over the stencil to prepare the surface for the COSMIC PINK EMBOSSING POWDER. I sprinkled on the POWDER, and then "hit it" with my heat gun.

2.) Using a Black StazOn Ink pad, I stamped the fun chandelier.  

3.) I drew a pumpkin shape on the BLACK MODELING FILM, and then used a WHITE UNI-BALL SIGNO PEN to add detail to the pumpkin.

4.) I added embossing ink to the eyes, and heat set the COSMIC PINK EMBOSSING POWDER ...lastly, adding the pupil with a BLACK SCARLET LIME PEN.

5.) To give the pumpkin some dimension, I warmed the BLACK MODELING FILM with a heat tool and bent it into the shape I wanted.  Once cool, it holds the shape.  Love it!

6.) I adhered the pumpkin to the card with Craft Glue.  You could use whatever you have on hand...a glue gun, glue dots, etc.

7.) I had picked up some scrabble letters at an Antique mall, and glued the word BOO on the card.

8.) The rest of the cover details were drawn with the WHITE SIGNO UNI-BALL PEN, BLACK SCARLET LIME and an ORANGE GLAZE PEN.

SO, now for the inside...

Using a mechanical pencil, I wrote the words "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

Nothing too fancy, right? The more "random" the better...keeping the letters fairly close together.

Next, I outlined each letter with a BLACK PITT PEN. (XS)

You can see in the photo above that in the areas where the letters overlap, you make the decision as to which letter is "on top" of the other...either way you choose will work:)

Then, erase the pencil lines.

I drew a pumpkin around the words using a pencil.

I added thickness to the letter lines by going over them with the BLACK SCARLET LIME pen, 
which naturally has a heavier width.

THEN, I used a wet brush to pick up color from the end of an 
filling in color all around the words and within the pumpkin shape I drew.

1.) I added BLACK details with the PITT MULTI LINER (xs)
2.) Using embossing ink and then embossing powder (as I did on the front of the card) I added color and dimension to the letters.

It doesn't come this way, I accidentally mixed a bit of black embossing powder in my pink...
but, I don't mind it:)

3.) The Green leaf is colored with the FREAKY FRANKEN LIME STARBURST SPRAY.
(I sprayed a little "puddle" of green on a scrap piece of paper, and then "painted" it on with a brush.)

4.) I drew some random orange dots with the CARAN D'ACHE ORANGE NEOCOLOR II,  and then saturated a brush with water, pulled color off the crayon and "spattered" it onto the card. The dots were outlined with an XS Black Pitt multi liner.

5.) the last details were added by using a Tim Holtz Rub On sheet.  

Advantus Idea-Ology Remnant Rubs Rub-Ons

Hope this post encourages you to try this easy lettering technique as well as trying some of the GREAT products Frog Dog Studio offers in the store!! Check them out here!!!

It's a blessing to share with you always,


  1. This is so awesome! I love seeing peeks at the process of creating things. :) LOVE your lettering.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I love seeing the process others go through as well:) It amazes me that there are limitless perspectives that can be seen through the eyes of another...I love to see things in a "new light" Thanks again for your kind words!!