Thursday, July 25, 2013

Playful Musings - Scrap Painting

Lea here, my first Playful Musings, a series I will be bringing to readers every month!  Playful Musings is an open-ended, experimental, technique post.

Sometimes we lose the child within as we grow up and have to follow so many rules - be uber responsible!  Playful Musings is about playing and just feeling what you want to express.  No perfection allowed!!  A safe-fun way to try new things, find out about new media and see what they can do.

From July Kit - Ranger Distress Paint, various colors
(Collage of birds in kit, medium is also great for this technique)

Other Supplies:
Bo Bunny Paper/Embellishments, UmWow Studio Chevron, scissors, cardstock, soft watercolor brushes, paper scraps, decorative paper scraps and other items to create interesting patterns

1.  On white cardstock, rip and collage decorative paper (words here).  The Studio medium that is in the kit is perfect for this step.  Apply medium and place paper down on surface pressing from the center out to smooth and adhere.  I also have a small brayer I use to roll over paper if I feel more pressure is needed.

2.  Take your Distressed Paint and daub it on a scratch surface to get it going first.  When done with using Distressed Paint, store inverted (dauber side down) so paint is always at the sponge.

3.  Use a scrap piece of paper, and daub the Distress Paint color of your choice and pull brush over the scrap piece of paper onto the surface of the cardstock.  Where ever the scrap paper is, will work as a mask and no paint will be left there.

Keep using different shaped and sized scraps and brush color over the surface of the cardstock. 

4.  Here, a punchinella strip is used like a stencil and dots are added. 

5.  A wavy ruler was used, face down, to create an interesting pattern.

6.  Splattering mica watercolors with a toothbrush adds little flecks of colors on the surface.

7.  To finish your art, collage images and elements on top of what you painted.  Add splashed paint colors (daub Distress Paint or paintbrush or use toothbrush) on die cuts and even paint them with background colors to help them blend in. 

The Distressed Paint works perfectly on top of chipboard or other bare elements you might want to spruce up!  The Studio Medium works great to adhere everything to the cardstock.  Try using the Crackle to change the appearance of the chevron. 

This idea can be utilized with the Maya Road box.  Cut cardstock to size to fit box, adhere and then play like the instructions above!!

Play, play, play. Experiment! There is no right or wrong to this method. Leave out steps, try other paints or media to see what happens.

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


  1. So bright and colorful and fun! I wish I could just sit down and let it go like that!