Monday, June 24, 2013

Non Porous Surfaces...what???

Hey crafty peoples Rita Barakat here with a quick tutorial.  
 What is a non prorous surface?
A non porous surface is a smooth and unpainted solid surface that
prohibits the penetration of liquids and air. Simply put, such surfaces
 either do not have pores in them or the pores present are extremely minute.
Examples of non – porous surfaces include metal foils and glass. 

And for our purpose add to that acrylics & plastic.  In June's kit there
will be a sheet of plastic- which is frosted. I cut mine down for bookmark and reminder...
 "Sometimes your only transportation is a lap of faith." A quote from Margaret Shepard.
 For stamping on these types of surfaces the only thing that I have found that
works is Staz On ink.(Unless you alter it in some way.)
So I stamped my quote on first. I also flipped it over
and added a little gesso on the back of the word "faith".
 In the kit you will find Alohol Inks which are fabulous for these surfaces!
Applied with a felt padded tool. ( I did add silver- not in the kit).
 Flip it back over to the right side and add iridescent medium (love this stuff!) with a stencil.
Rub a little on the sides, punch and add ribbons or fibers and there you go!
Fun stuff!


  1. This is so pretty!!! I love the quote!

  2. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  3. Great project and use of materials!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Brilliant and gorgeous...Thanks for sharing...