Monday, June 10, 2013

Love Canvas

 Hello artsy divas! Rita Barakat here with my first post at
Frog Dog Studio!
I love the idea of a Mixed Media kit because you always
know you are going to get something (hopefully) that you''ve never worked with,
or something you've wanted to work with but haven't picked up yet.
I also love challenging my self to use EVERYTHING in the kit. This was the result!
That's my baby girl (a couple if years ago)and she looks darling on this little canvas!
 First impressions:
This was my one thing in the kit that I thought,
"what am I going to do with that?"
Now that I've used it I am thinking,
"COOL! What else can I use this on?
 The process:Tear a piece of the pattern big enough to cover your canvas
crinkle it up into a ball and flatten it back out (see the wrinkles?).
Use *heavy gel medium to adhere it to the canvas, tucking in  any edges underneath.
*The reason I prefer using heavy gel medium on my projects is you you get full coverage
and it is not runny & messy like glue. Once it dries you can paint it
sand it whatever- it's not going anywhere! I like this for pictures on projects too, because there is not bleeding or distortion of the image.
 Then I used the gel medium to adhere my picture and letters into place.

 And I added more texture ( I know its hard to see but I promise its there) by using the stencil
to add random triangles over the piece with the gel medium. I am using the gel medium
because I know later I am going to use alcohol inks and they like a non porous surface.

I used the blue and green Alcohol inks over the entire surface,
once dry, I added the twinkling H2o watercolor paint in various places.
I also used the inks on the twine.
 Here is a close up!
I love all the wrinkled texture form the pattern!!!
And I love the saturated color!The darker spots are where there was no gel medium!
 I cut these angel wings out of the plastic sheet enclosed and
used gold alcohol ink (not in the kit) for polka dots! I added 
a little crown - it was silver, changed it with the alcohol inks.
 I hope you enjoyed this project, I know you will love this kit!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous kit creation. Just stunning and so many wonderful details in this canvas. Very inspiring. Keep smiling and creating

  2. I love the texture and color on the background and on the word "love"! And inking the twine...brilliant!! :) Evie

  3. Fabulous colors and textures - love the wings :-)

  4. Love your canvas...great ideas for future use:)

  5. this is SO AMAZING... totally love it

  6. This is beautiful! I love the colors :)